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Please click on the attachment below to view the Honeywell Instant Alert initial registration instructions which are available in English and Spanish!
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Daily Announcements

Please make sure your vaccinations are up-to-date in the nurses office!

Why do we need vaccines? None of us want to see our children get sick. The easiest and yet most powerful health tool ever developed are vaccines. Make sure your children get their shots!

How do vaccines work? When you receive a vaccine, it helps your body create antibodies. Antibodies are the body's defenses that fight off any foreign substances (germs). Although your body can create antibodies on its own, most of the vaccine-preventable diseases cause severe illness and even death before enough antibodies are produced. Vaccines work best when they are given at certain ages. Make sure to check with your doctor to see which vaccinations are upcoming.

Box Tops for Education

Look at home for the Box Top for Education and cut it out. Each Box Top coupon is worth 10¢ for your school. You can clip Box Tops coupons from hundreds of your favorite products. Turn the box tops in to your classroom teacher. Last year we earned nearly $400 from collecting boxtops!

Did you move?
Please notify the school office as soon as possible if you moved. Remember to let the office know if you have a new address or phone number.  If you are moving out of Dover, you will need to come in to get a transfer form. 

Upcoming Events

Mon, Oct 5 - Fri, Oct 9
PTA Bookfair

Tuesday, October 6
Board of Education Meeting
8:00 P.M.
Respect Week
Wear Purple
Sign of Self-Respect
Wednesday, October 7
Respect Week
Wear Green
Sign of Respecting Nature
Thursday, October 8
Respect Week
Wear Orange / Black
Support Dover Teams


Today, 10/6/2015
High: 69 Low: 48
Partly sunny
0% chance of precipitation.
Tomorrow, 10/7/2015
High: 69 Low: 47
Mostly sunny
11% chance of precipitation.